Here at Creative Pyrotechnics, we take pride in producing exciting and memorable displays. All of our displays are custom designed. No two shows are the same, guaranteed. We carry a very large inventory of high-grade fireworks from upscale manufacturers. This includes: Lidu, Vulcan, Yung-Feng, Caballer, LaRosa, SanTai, & Others. Each display produced by us is always All-Inclusive.

All display prices include:

  • Site inspection
  • Display Permit
  • Coast Guard Permit (If Necessary)
  • $5,000,000.00 General Liability Insurance
  • $5,000,000.00 Auto Liability Insurance as required by the US DOT.
  • Fire Marshal Fire Watch Fees
  • Fire Truck Standby Fee (If required by city/county)
  • All Travel Costs including: Fuel, Lodging, Food, Mileage, etc.
  • Professional pyrotechnics Crew
  • 100% Cleanup

Display Options

Traditional Display

This is a fireworks display created with an array of high quality effects. Expert design is used to create a stunning display. These displays can work for a variety of applications.

Pyro-musical shows
This is an enhanced traditional fireworks display. This adds the feature of music to your display. The entire show is fired to a musical soundtrack of your choice. We strategically sync the fireworks to correspond with your musical selection. We will work with your favorite soundtrack or produce one for you. Our design team will work closely with you to create exciting options for all types of events.

Close Proximity Pyrotechnics
For outdoor events without enough space for Traditional fireworks, close proximity pyrotechnics will be used to create pyrotechnic entertainment to almost any event. For outdoor events without enough space for traditional fireworks, close proximity pyrotechnics are the option we suggest to allow for an up-close experience like none other. Seen at many baseball and football stadiums, weddings, theme parks, resorts or anywhere distance is a concern. take out ect.

Indoor Fireworks
We can add excitement for indoor sporting events, corporate meetings, concerts, and more! There are a variety of pyrotechnic effects that are manufactured to be used indoors. Indoor fireworks are all 100% tested and approved for indoor use and produce an exciting option to accent any indoor event like a wedding, concert or professional sporting event!

Possibilities are Endless when you get Creative!