About Us

Creative Pyro - Accredited Business BBB

Creative Pyrotechnics was founded in 2007 in the Theme Park Entertainment Capital of the World, Orlando, FL. Our vision was providing high quality pyrotechnic displays and special effects at affordable prices to clients both big and small. Ten years later, we are still pleased to call Central Florida home, and we have achieved our vision to great success.

Creative Pyrotechnics will be your premiere source of fireworks and special effects guaranteed. With over 50 other fireworks companies on the market, what sets Creative Pyrotechnics apart and confident enough to make such a bold guarantee?

First and foremost, our staff. The leadership at Creative Pyrotechnics have over 50 combined years of experience working with fireworks and special effects for some of the largest entertainment companies and venues in the world. Our pyrotechnicians are also second to none. We ensure that our technicians are educated annually on all applicable safety standards including new ATF regulations, NFPA Codes, D.O.T. standards and more, ensuring that your show will meet, and in most cases, exceed all safety standards.

Next, we use state of the art digital electronic firing systems and design software that gives us the availability to produce world class displays using the most brilliant and unique effects the industry has to offer. With show designers on staff, each of our shows are unique. From large sky filling displays, to concise choregraphed pyro-musicals we can do it all!

Lastly, Creative Pyrotechnics offers a no hassle solution to producing the firework and special effects elements of your show or event. All of our shows include site inspections, display permits, Coast Guard permits (if necessary), $5,000,000.00 in General and Auto Liability Insurance, Fire Marshal Fire Watch fees, Fire Truck Standby Fee (If Required), all travel costs, our professional and trained pyrotechnics crew, and 100% cleanup.

Contact us today and let us help you create BLASTing Impressions!