About Us

Creative Pyro - Accredited Business BBB

Creative Pyrotechnics is located in Orlando, Florida. All of Our displays are electronically fired with state-of-the-art digital firing systems. Each display is setup and fired by experienced pyrotechnicians. We take pride in all of our displays no matter how big or how small. We use only the highest quality fireworks available including Lidu, Vulcan, Yung-Feng & more! This ensures that what you get is a high quality fireworks display. Many fireworks companies today use low grade shells to increase their profits. High quality e-matches are used for each show to ensure that every device and shell is ignited on time and shoots as expected.


We carry a $5,000,000.00 Umbrella Insurance Policy that includes General Liability Insurance & Auto Liability Insurance as required by DOT. The company we are insured through is Britton-Gallagher & Associates. They have been insuring the fireworks industry since 1995. They insure over 60% of the pyrotechnics industry today! The client will be named as additionally insured on the insurance certificate. If you would like any additional information on our insurance company, please visit them at:www.britton-gallagher.com.

Our Technicians

All of our techs are highly skilled professionals. Every tech is ATF approved with a full background check. Each year they are trained and educated on the following:

  • New ATF regulations
  • APA standards
  • NFPA Codes 1123, 1124, and 1126.
  • Malfunction Scenarios
  • Safety Standards
  • Emergency Situations
  • D.O.T. Standards


Our Drivers have passed all necessary background checks and tests and are fully legal to transport our product to and from shows. Each driver carry’s a CDL License with a HAZMAT endorsement. All D.O.T. rules and regulations are followed each and every day and drivers are drug tested every 6 months.

Continuing Education

Creative Pyrotechnics is committed to staying on top of new laws and regulations. All of our techs are updated as soon as new standards are implemented. Our #1 priority for all of our shows is safety.